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Mountain Tarp, Inc. began in September of 1987, as the brain child of Owner and President Jeff Bowling. He previously worked as a sales representative for a tarp company in Texas, but after five years, Jeff returned home to Middlesboro, Kentucky to visit family and friends and noticed the great number of trucks and tractor trailers that were not being tarped or were tarped insufficiently. His decision was simple - to start his own tarping company that would provide the best quality product he could offer and at the most competitive price. Mountain Tarp has always got you covered.

Mountain Tarp manufactures not only our own tarps in-house but also most of the hardware parts that go with each system. State-of-the-art welding and machine capabilities allow us to fabricate and assemble all of our own systems as well. Product quality control is Mountain Tarp's highest priority and is one of the main reasons we continue to manufacture instead of import.

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